Winter Beer

Blondes and Espresso…I mean 2X Presso

The first question you might be asking yourself is, do beer and dessert really go together? The answer is yes, yes they do.

Blondes, the vanilla version of brownies, are a yummy dessert any time of the year. If you aren’t celebrating lent (or didn’t give up sweets for lent), then I recommend them on a cold winter night.

But what kind of beer makes for a good dessert pairing? Personally I go for a stout…

The Beer:

2X Presso by Southern Tier Brewing Company is described on the bottle as begin brewed with “2 varieties of hops and 4 types of malts” along with “coffee beans and lemon peals”. It advertises a delicious coffee flavor infused with the beer. Is it worthy of being called a dessert beer?

Style:  Seasonal Double Milk Stout (“brewed with coffee beans and lemon peal” according 28 Feb 2016 004to the bottle). With an alcohol content of 7.5%

Taste and Body: It’s like a cold alcoholic mocha, rich and smooth. It’s toasty with coffee and chocolate notes. I can’t taste any of the lemon peal, though.

Color: Dark

Aroma: Roasted coffee and chocolate.

Additional Notes: They included the date of bottling (12/21/15 at 0:04AM to be precises). It’s an interesting fun fact. Also for people who are lactose intolerant, this beer does include lactose sugar.

Level of Recommendation: Prefect if you like an after dinner cup of coffee. I love coffee and chocolate and this beer is a great mix of both of those loves.

The Blondes (I mean Food): 28 Feb 2016 001

No, I didn’t make these from scratch. At some point I might attempt to make baked goods from scratch, but until that time I’m going to recommend buying a box of your favorite blonde mix. I chose Trader Joe’s Blondie Mix (with chocolate chips).

What you’ll need:

  • 1 box of blonde mix
  • The ingredients on the box (in this case):
    • 4 Tbs butter melted
    • 1 Large egg
28 Feb 2016 002
Before you put them in the oven.

Follow the instructions on the box to bake. For the Trader Joe’s mix, set the over to 350°F. Melt the butter and whisk it in with the egg before adding in the mix. Make sure the blondes won’t stick to the pan (I used non-stick spray). Spread the mix on to the baking pan and bake for 28 to 32 minutes (depending on how gooey or cookie like you want your blondes).

Let cool before eating.

The Pairing:

28 Feb 2016 005

Sinfully good! The vanilla blonde and coffee beer complement each other well. It really reminds me of an after dinner espresso at a nice cafe with a warm pastry. For those of you who gave up dessert for lent, you might just want to cheat a little with this pairing (not that I’m advocating for it or anything). If I were to make one change it would be to include ice cream with it.

Level of Recommendation: Willing to skip lent over it good. I would definitely have this pairing again. I might even try a few different blonde mixes to see which one I like best.


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