Spring Beer

Pancakes and an American Stout

Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner. I know I do. I especially love pancakes for dinner. There are so many pancake toppings to choose from, but which one is the best one to go with out American Stout? Let’s find out.

The Beer:

April 18 2015 002This week’s beer is the Ballast Point Brewing Company’s American Stout: The Commodore. It has a skeleton on the bottle and very little description. All that I was able to get off the bottle was a quick description of “dry roasty stout”. Sounds like a good substitute for coffee.

The Style: An American Stout with an alcohol content of 6.5%

Taste and Body: It is rich and roasty (as advertised). It is a lot like a cold cup of coffee with a kick. It is refreshing and not at all heavy.

Color: Dark, like coffee

Aroma: Malt and rich

Level of Recommendation: Good for an after dinner drink. I would also recommend pairing this one with a chocolate cake or brownie.

The Food: April 18 2015 001

What you’ll need:

  • Pancake mix


  • Butter
  • Maple syrup
  • Your favorite jelly (in this case I used strawberry rhubarb)
  • Cinnamon sugar

Make up a batch of your favorite. Heat up a skillet and pour on the pancake mix. Cook up the pancakes. Be careful not to burn the pancakes as they can cook quickly.

Once pancakes are finished cooking it’s time to put on your favorite toppings. Spread the toppings on the pancakes.


The Pairing:

Overall a nice American Stout makes for a great pairing pancakes. A little bit of sweetness goes well with the rich flavors. Each pairing had it’s positives and were just a little different.


April 18 2015 007Strawberry Rhubarb JellyThe jelly had a sweet and sour flavor that brought out the hops flavors in the beer. It pairs well and seemed to bring out a lightness in the beer.

Maple Syrup – It spices up the beer and makes it feel even more like a cold cup of delicious coffee. It’s buttery and might be part of a complete breakfast (or dinner).

Cinnamon Sugar – The cinnamon sugar smooths out the beer and brings out some of the hops. I enjoyed how the beer felt like it had been roasting in a pot while I drank it.

April 18 2015 010

So, which was my favorite?


I’d have to say that the maple syrup pairing was my favorite for the night, followed closely by the cinnamon sugar. Sorry strawberry rhubarb jelly, but maybe you don’t go with this beer as well as the other toppings.

Level of Recommendation: Part of a complete dinner!


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