Spring Beer

Grilled Cheese Melt, Soup, & Helles Bock

It’s been raining like crazy in the Northeastern United States. All I’ve wanted to do is curl up with some comfort food under a nice toasty blanket. That’s why this week’s pairing is a grilled cheese melt made fancy. But what to pair it with? How about the fresh spring taste of the Tröegs Bros’ Cultivator?

The Beer:

16 May 2016 012This beer bottle practically screams spring time. There’s the small sapling of what I think is a hops plant right in the middle. The description on the bottle describes this beer as “emerging from springtime’s fertile ground” and “celebrates the start of hops growing season”. It “delivers hints of toasted grains, fresh baked bread and delicate floral hops.” I feel that this is a very accurate description.

Style: Helles Bock with a 6.9%

Color: Pale Amber

Aroma: Fresh and lots of hops

Taste: A nice fresh taste with plenty of hops. This beer has a bold flavor, but is also smooth with no after taste.

Level of Recommendation: Everything about this beer screams spring and that’s not a bad thing. I like it a lot and will have it stocked in my fridge next spring as well.

The Food:

A grilled cheese melt is a fancy grilled cheese sandwich for when you want a little more than just cheese. Add in some fresh basil, tomatoes, and a flavorful soup for dipping and you’ve got a yummy meal.

What you’ll need: 16 May 2016 006

  • Bread
  • Colby jack cheese
  • Tomato
  • Basil
  • Butter
  • Organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup

Thinly slice your tomato and some butter. Place your cheese, tomato slices, and basil on the bread. Butter both sides of the bread and start cooking. Heat up the soup while the sandwich cooks.

16 May 2016 010

The Pairing:

16 May 2016 013

This beer has a lot of flavor, so it works well with the simplicity of the grilled cheese and soup. The creaminess of the food adds to the beer’s fresh floral notes and sharp hops. No doubt that this is a comfort food.

Level of Recommendation: Comfort food approved!



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