Hard Cider

Turkey Avocado Salad With Cider

Fall is just around the corner and kids are heading back to school. That means it’s almost apple season (also pumpkin season, but I’m holding off a little while for that one). So I wanted to kick off the season with some hard cider. But it still really hot outside and I want something cool… Continue reading Turkey Avocado Salad With Cider

Summer beers

Perpetual IPA With a Tuna Salad

Perpetual IPA seems like an appropriate name for the never ending heat wave we’ve been having in the Northeastern US. It’s been almost too hot to cook in my kitchen, so I wanted to make something this week that didn’t need to be heated up. Tuna salad is a delicious lunch on any day of… Continue reading Perpetual IPA With a Tuna Salad

Game Day Snacks · Summer beers

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips & Festina Pêche

It’s still unbarably hot in the North Eastern region of the USA and with the Olympics still going on, I need something light to snack on while watching. This week I made a salty sweet snack to pair with a neo-Berliner Weisse (brewed with peach juice). The Beer: Dogfish Head brewing company did a really… Continue reading Chocolate Covered Potato Chips & Festina Pêche

Dessert Pairing · Summer beers

Banana Boat & (Duclaw) Sweet Baby Jesus!

Summer vacation is almost over for many kids. There are many days when I really miss going back to school, then I remember my feelings during Finals and I’m glad I graduated a few years ago. So as a last hurrah for summer, I decided to make a childhood favorite: Banana Boats. I made these… Continue reading Banana Boat & (Duclaw) Sweet Baby Jesus!

Summer beers

Fried Zucchini Chips & Belgium White

After all of the heat and humidity, I wanted something simple for this week. So I decided to try frying up some zucchini to pair with my yummy Belgium White beer. I added a little spicy mayo on the side and watched as the storm clouds rolled in. Hopefully the cool weather comes back soon… Continue reading Fried Zucchini Chips & Belgium White