College Day Pairings

Jazzed Up Instant Ramen & Sapporo

I’m going back to my college days with this week’s pairing. Instant ramen was a beloved staple when I was still in school. It might not be good for you, but it’s a quick and cheap meal for anyone on a budget.

But wait, I’m not longer in college. Shouldn’t I have grown out of ramen as a meal? No, not at all. Every once in a while I crazy a bowl of instant noodles. With a few extra toppings, you’ve got a complete meal.

I’m pairing my instant ramen with Sapporo. You can buy this brew in a can and enjoy it with your noodles.

The Beer:

nov-6-2016-003I have only ever had Sapporo in a can and (if one is to believe my father) it is the best way to drink Sapporo. It is described as having a “perfectly balanced taste” and is a good beer to “share rich moment with”.  What is my opinion on this brew?

Style: Premium beer (according to the can)

Color: Light

Aroma: It has a light beer smell to it

Taste: Light hops

Level of Recommendation: When you want a beer with tons of flavor, but it still fairly light.

The Food:

What youll need: nov-6-2016-001

  • Instant Ramen (I used chicken)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Carrot
  • Kimchi
  • Ponzu

Follow the instructions to make your instant ramen. Only add a half of the flavor packet (you don’t need the whole flavor packet with the ponzu and kimchi). While the ramen is cooking, poach an egg. Peel and chop up a carrot to add to the ramen.

Take the instant noodles off of the stove and place in a bowl. Stir in some ponzu (sesame oil is a good substitute especially if you don’t like as much citrus). Place the poached egg, kimchi, and carrots on top of the ramen.

Enjoy as soon as possible.

The Pairing:

nov-6-2016-004Since the beer light and refreshing, it has a nice balance with the ramen. There’s a distinct citrus element that can be a bit overpowering (unless you use sesame oil to season instead of ponzu). The kimchi really helps to bring out the sour elements of the pairing. The egg is creamy and provides a nice contrast to the other flavors.

Level of Recommendation: When you want a quick meal with plenty of flavor.


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