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Onigiri & Curiosity Cola

Onigiri are Japanese rice balls. They are traditionally stuffed with pickled ume, salmon, or other salty/sour ingredients and wrapped in nori. They pop up in a lot of anime and manga as a snack for the characters (probably because they are a popular snack in Japan). The fun thing about onigiri is that they are… Continue reading Onigiri & Curiosity Cola

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Gyoza and Ramuné

I grew up eating Gyoza at my aunt’s house. I love these small Japanese dumplings and have had a serious craving for them. Fair warning though, they do take a while to make, but they are worth every second. The Drink:  While we’re on the subject of childhood favorites, Ramuné is a sugary soda from Japan… Continue reading Gyoza and Ramuné

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Spiced Hot Chocolate & Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream

Spring supposedly starts this week, but I think the weather disagrees. So I decided to combine the need for a warm drink during a cold night with a need for cold food after a warm day. Thus home made spiced hot chocolate and cinnamon banana ice cream is what I came up with. Part of… Continue reading Spiced Hot Chocolate & Cinnamon Banana Ice Cream

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Margarita Calzone & Cheerwine

My friend Krystle was over this weekend for a movie marathon. What better way to enjoy a movie night than by making calzones and having some Cheerwine. The Drink:  Cheerwine is a cherry flavored non-alcoholic soda. It’s bright red and has a mild flavor. Krystle thought it tasted a little like Dr. Pepper, but without… Continue reading Margarita Calzone & Cheerwine

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Leek and Feta Puff Tart with a Blueberry Sparkler

Let’s kick this week off with a savory easy to make and eat pairing. I love puff tarts because you can eat them right out of the oven or freeze them for a quick grab and go microwave meal. So here’s my french inspired leek and feta puff tart pairing with a blueberry sparkler. The… Continue reading Leek and Feta Puff Tart with a Blueberry Sparkler

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Lamb Meatball Salad with Birch Beer

Lamb has arrived at my local Farmer’s Market! I managed to grab a few things before they ran out, so I’m all stocked up until next year. Lamb is a rare treat for me, so I wanted to pair it with something that was equally special to me. Birch beer is very similar to root… Continue reading Lamb Meatball Salad with Birch Beer

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Mom’s Split Pea Soup…and an attempt at Butterbeer

I often miss my mom’s cooking, especially in the colder months. Split pea soup was one of my favorites growing up and this week I want to share with you her recipe. I decided to pair it with a butterbeer recipe of my own creation. Does it turn out as well as mom’s soup? Let’s… Continue reading Mom’s Split Pea Soup…and an attempt at Butterbeer