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Peanut Butter Cinnamon Cookies with a Turmeric Thai Tea

The holidays are upon us. I’ve decided to make an effort to learn how to bake cookies this year. So I started my holiday baking by looking up different peanut butter cookie recipes. But having just peanut butter cookies didn’t seem to enough. I invited my friend Krystle and together we put our heads together… Continue reading Peanut Butter Cinnamon Cookies with a Turmeric Thai Tea

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Pumpkin Juice with Pumpkin Cookies

Happy Halloween! If you haven’t decided yet on how you’re going to celebrate, why not go with a pumpkin dessert pairing? Okay, I might have gone a little overboard the pumpkin this year, but I swear it’s well worth it. The Drink:  Inspired by the Harry Potter books, I decided to try making a version… Continue reading Pumpkin Juice with Pumpkin Cookies

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Spiced Cake Balls & (Dirty) Shirley Temples

This week I had a guest with me to help me cook! My friend Krystal was over for a Halloween movie marathon and what goes better with a movie marathon than some sweet treats! The Drink:  Fun Fact: the actress Shirley Temple was not a fan of Shirley Temples (at least according to wiki). Traditionally… Continue reading Spiced Cake Balls & (Dirty) Shirley Temples

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Simple Apple Tart and Witch’s Punch

I have likely mentioned this many times before, but October is my favorite month. Apple season is in full swing and there are so many delicious flavors to be had. I’m very likely going to be making desserts for the rest of the month. The Drink:  I’m calling this drink Witch’s Punch because of the… Continue reading Simple Apple Tart and Witch’s Punch

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S’mores and Marshallville

Summer is the season for backyard barbecues! And the best way to finish the evening off is with fire roasted s’mores. It’s the prefect sweet treat to end the day. I’ve picked Marshallville by Tuckahoe Brewing Company (another brew created in New Jersey) to pair with this summer dessert. Will the honey and spices mix… Continue reading S’mores and Marshallville

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No Bake Cookies & Chocolate Milk Stout

No bake cookies are easy to make and are a great snack any time of day. I found a chocolate milk stout to go with these yummy cookies. Will they make a tasty evening snack? The Beer:  I picked out The Shipyard Brewing Company’s Chocolate Milk Stout while I was in the mood for chocolate.… Continue reading No Bake Cookies & Chocolate Milk Stout

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Chocolate Croissant & Caramel Porter

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you guys had a good holiday season and have recovered from the food coma that seems to happen at this time of year. There are so many good things to eat in November and December. After the holidays, I’m ready for something simple and maybe a little sweet. So… Continue reading Chocolate Croissant & Caramel Porter