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Mini Portobello Mushrooms Dinner with Strawberry Lemon Water Infusion

I decided to challenge myself to make a meal only using food I brought at the farmer’s market. Spices and the olive oil could all be at my house before hand, but I wanted to try buying all of the main ingredients at the Farmer’s Market. I even ended up buying the strawberries for the… Continue reading Mini Portobello Mushrooms Dinner with Strawberry Lemon Water Infusion

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Guacamole with Extra Ginger Brew

Summer is almost here and the outdoor party season is in full swing. Do you need a quick dip to bring to your next event? Why not try this quick guacamole recipe and pair it with the sharp flavors of a ginger drink? Let’s dive right into this pairing! The Drink:  I’m not entirely sure… Continue reading Guacamole with Extra Ginger Brew

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Onigiri & Curiosity Cola

Onigiri are Japanese rice balls. They are traditionally stuffed with pickled ume, salmon, or other salty/sour ingredients and wrapped in nori. They pop up in a lot of anime and manga as a snack for the characters (probably because they are a popular snack in Japan). The fun thing about onigiri is that they are… Continue reading Onigiri & Curiosity Cola

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Gyoza and Ramuné

I grew up eating Gyoza at my aunt’s house. I love these small Japanese dumplings and have had a serious craving for them. Fair warning though, they do take a while to make, but they are worth every second. The Drink:  While we’re on the subject of childhood favorites, Ramuné is a sugary soda from Japan… Continue reading Gyoza and Ramuné

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Spiced Chocolate Cake in a Mug with an Iced Coffee

It’s cold and rainy here this weekend. So I decided to make a spicy chocolate cake as a way to lift my spirits. The Drink:  Not only does Trader Joe’s have a French Vanilla iced coffee, they also have a regular 100% Arabic coffee that’s just straight coffee. As someone who loves their coffee black,… Continue reading Spiced Chocolate Cake in a Mug with an Iced Coffee

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Black Bean Salad with Orange Basil Bubbles

Spring is in full swing and outdoor party season is almost here. I wanted something light, healthy, and full of flavors. The Drink:  I wanted something fun and festive for the warm weather that’s suddenly shown up in the Northeastern US. Orange Basil Bubbles is nonalcoholic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a shot… Continue reading Black Bean Salad with Orange Basil Bubbles

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Caprese Salad with a Grapefruit Soda

I was looking around for a light meal to stash in my lunch box on work days. A caprese salad seems like the prefect light salad to add to my midday meal. The Drink:  I picked up the Spectacular Grapefruit (soda) while I was shopping at Wegmans. I love grapefruit and wanted to try something… Continue reading Caprese Salad with a Grapefruit Soda