Spring Pairing

A Light Salad with Lemon Orange Water Infusion

There is a part of me that thinks the weather gods are playing a horrible prank on me. Just when I think spring is about to show up, I end up with 6 inches worth of snow on top of my car. Well if I can’t have spring weather, I can at least eat like… Continue reading A Light Salad with Lemon Orange Water Infusion

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Crisp Baked Chicken with a Berry Blast

Valentine’s Day was last week, which means I have a ton of strawberries left over. So, I got the idea to make a berry themed drink with a lovely crispy chicken. It’s the romantic dinner I missed out on on Valentine’s Day. The Drink:  What you’ll need:  Frozen strawberries Frozen raspberries Blueberry juice Pomegranate juice… Continue reading Crisp Baked Chicken with a Berry Blast

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Watermelon Lime Ale & Arugula Pizza

For some reason, I decided that I wanted arugula all week for my salad lunch. By Wednesday I was sick of arugula salad. So I had a ton of arugula left over that needed to be used and one very important question: What the heck does arugula go with other than salad? Apparently that answer… Continue reading Watermelon Lime Ale & Arugula Pizza

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Trail Mix & Tripel Ale

Hiking season is officially upon us! I love hiking. It’s great exercise and helps relive my anxiety. However, I tend to get really hungry if the hike lasts longer than a couple of hours. So I created a simple trail mix to take with me. I also might have found a beer to go with… Continue reading Trail Mix & Tripel Ale

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Pasta Salad & White Aphro

Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner. That means warm weather, barbecue, and picnic season are nearly here! Yay! Let’s see if this week’s pairing is warm weather ready! The Beer:  White Aphro is brought to us by Empire Brewing Company. My curiosity was peaked when I read that it was brewed with lavender,… Continue reading Pasta Salad & White Aphro

Spring Pairing

Holy Crap! & Chili Baked Potato

Happy first day of May! Spring is in full swing, which means that the weather hasn’t been able to make up it’s mind. I was having a little trouble figuring out what pairing to do this week. That was until I spotted Holy Crap! A beer can with a T-Rex on it! My expectation level… Continue reading Holy Crap! & Chili Baked Potato

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After Easter Treat – Egg Salad with a Mad Tea

So I was looking around for inspiration recently and came across a site dedicated to Disney inspired adult beverages. You can find the site here. Naturally I needed to try at least one of these drinks and with Easter coming up I thought a mad tea party inspired pairing was perfect. Especially since most people… Continue reading After Easter Treat – Egg Salad with a Mad Tea